Hackers Bike Ride Los Angeles

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Hackers Bike Ride Los Angeles
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Status inactive"inactive" is not in the list (active, planned, building, closed, unknown, reformatting, suspected inactive) of allowed values for the "Hackerspace status" property.
Country United States of America
State or District California
City Los Angeles
Date of founding 2010/04/15
Last Updated 2011-08-12
Website http://machina.la
Snail mail

 Los Angeles
United States of America

Number of members 12
Membership fee 0
Size of rooms n/a

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There is something we have in common, we ride bikes as a means of transportation, and computers have played an important role in our lives. Come hang out and go on a bike ride with fellow software enthusiasts. Many of us use Ubuntu, are web developers, photographers, command line ninjas, GNU/Linux superheroes, SQL experts, PHP warriors, Pythonistas, social networking buffs, designers, and many other things.

NO LONGER MEETING REGULARLY / We meet every Third Thursday at the Hollywood / Western Redline Metro Station by the map on street level @ 8:00pm ride time at 9:00pm!

Hackers Bike Ride