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GuateCON 0.1
Subevent of GuateCON
Type of Conference
Start 1st December 2023 (iCal)
End 3rd December 2023
Homepage: GuateCON, hosted by Kernel Panic Room
Venue: Kernel Panic Room
City: Queretaro
State: Queretaro
Country: Mexico
Min Cost: 0 MXN"MXN" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Max Cost: 0 MXN"MXN" is not declared as a valid unit of measurement for this property.
Important dates
Submissions due: 21st November 2023

We believe:

   that face-to-face social connections are indispensable: it's rare to have a space-time where we can talk openly about free technology, privacy, and the philosophy behind hackerism with people who share our interests, but oh, how good it feels!
   that progress is found in shared knowledge: everyone has a world of information in their head and sometimes we just need the right pretext to pass it on
   that to live in a beautiful world, we must build it without looking back: nothing good has ever come out of resentment, resentment and alienation
   that our enthusiasm for technology makes us responsible: it's easy to switch to the fediverse if you already know what a server is, but if you don't know it's hard to see any sense in it 

We'd like to:

   be able to go anywhere in the republic and know that there are hacker comrades
   see federalized and decentralized networks proliferate in our country (and don't be afraid to say "I don't have whats")
   see the word "hacker" provokes enthusiasm and amazement instead of fear and incomprehension
   see us come together this year to put the first snowball in a great avalanche of community.

We offer:

   use of (almost) all the spaces of a former convent built 300 years ago
   (relatively) high speed internet during the event
   help to find BBB-class (Good, Nice and Cheap, for it's Spanish initials) accommodations
   show you the cool places in town
   share with you what we know, what we have and what we dream of.

We ask you to:

   attend with an open mind and free time
   add the talks/workshops/conversations you want to give or propose to the pad linked on the page
   help us to promote this event and to organize it too, if you like that kind of thing
   send an email to guatecon[at] if you have any kind of doubt, concern, worry or suggestion.