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Kernel Panic Room
Status active
Country Mexico

State or District


City Queretaro

Date of founding


Last Updated 2018-11-13


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Number of members


Membership fee


Size of rooms

20m² + ~ 50m²


Open to Exchanges?

"Not yet (not enough space)" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no, maybe) for this property.

Open to Residencies?

"Same here, not yet" is not in the list of possible values (yes, no, maybe) for this property.

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Location 20° 35' 37", -100° 23' 39"

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Kernel Panic Room is a hackerspace embedded in the heart of Querétaro. Its objective is to be the center of a community of hackerminded people in the city, and a bridge for normal folks into the wonderful world of free (as in freedom) technology. Coincidentally, KPR exists on top of a bar-gallery-library-cultural-center, which means that the events we participate in aren't limited to computer stuff.

We are just starting out, solving the most pressing issues (such as the lack of LEDs for the 1337 feels), figuring out how exactly we want to operate. The plans for the future are grand, though, so if you live in Queretaro or are just passing through, please pay us a visit.

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