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Status planned
Country United States of America

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City Fernandina Beach

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Last Updated 2010-07-19
Website http://groups.google.com/group/fbhs





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 Fernandina Beach
United States of America

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No fees currently

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Fernandina Beach Hacker Space[edit]

We are looking for a person to host our meetings in a facility, with Internet access and a wireless router. If no such place is found, we can meet publicly at coffee shops and restaurants, provided that all the members behave and make purchases to justify our meeting. If we get into large groups, public meetings at businesses might not be appropriate.

I am looking for networking enthusiasts, electronics gurus, bearded *nix gurus and everyone in between, EXCEPT NO GAMERS OR FANBOYS - NO EXCEPTIONS. If you're a gamer, keep quiet about it because nobody cares about your WoW level or how good you are at Call of Duty. If you suspect someone of fanboyism, please call them out by saying "Rule 1", which is the only rule of NO GAMERS AND/OR FANBOYS.

I have a Linux virtual private server (VPS), with 100GB bandwidth a month, 512mb RAM, 3 Cogent IP addresses and 20gb of hard drive space for private, exclusive usage for now. If the group grows, I'll get an official FBHS VPS for members to use, as long as they do not abuse the VPS in any way. You know what abuse is so don't even try to say you were not abusing the system.

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