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Currently a scratch pad for Hacker Equality.

Mission Statement[edit]

Areas of the site[edit]

  • Landing Page / About + 3 to 5 blog posts
  • Blog
  • Personal Stories
  • Resources
    • Internal Content (things we've made / participated with)
    • What is a hacker
      • A broad definition that doesn't really define anything
      • Hackers working together
      • Everyone's a hacker
    • List of things we've all gotten segregated against (I like ketchup on my Chicago dog)
    • Trial and Error - what has worked for some groups, what hasn't to provide equality
    • Past media content, recordings
    • Recommended reading
    • Neighborly links
  • Listing of hack spaces that are into this idea of equality?
  • Meet Ups and Events (fork Calagator or something else NOT gcal, perhaps? Or maybe some clean wordpress/gcal thing that doesn't look like gcal?)
  • Contact / Discussion / mailing list