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This meeting will/has taken place on October 14th 2012...

  • 20:00 UTC - The World
  • 13:00 PDT - San Francisco
  • 22:00 CEST - Berlin
  • 1350244800 - The Internet

If you'd like to participate please poke the mailing list and provide your Google+ info.


  • Rubin
  • Liz
  • Mitch
  • Steffi
  • gmc
  • Willow Bl00
  • mzeltner
  • Matteoc
  • Katie


  • Round of introductions
  • Quick review of our past meeting
  • Review of action items from last meeting
  • What did we get done
  • New projects
  • Action items for next months
  • Next meeting next month


Recording of the Google Hangout for the meeting.

Hackpad used for the meeting notes.


  • Rubin - Noisebridge, started this shizza
  • Georgia - Directory of the Hactory in Philadelphia
  • Stefanie - From Montreal
  • Katie - HackDC, Linux Chicks, DC Feminism groups
  • Liz - Noisebridge, Feminist Hackers group
  • Mitch - Noisebridge
  • Jimmie
  • M Zeltner

Review of our last meeting[edit]

September meeting notes

  • Talked a little about what we want to do with the site, how the site should be laid out, where we want to go with
  • Discussed our target demographic
  • Listed off some content that we could throw up onto the site
  • Created a couple action items to be completed by next meeting
  • Agreed to meet again in a month

What did we get done?[edit]

  • Not much
  • Site is up, but needs content
  • Mitch created a intro blurb for himself
  • Some discussion was made over the Mission statement

The definition of hot words[edit]

As an on going project is was suggest that we could potentially try to get some of these words defined a little better, and even go poke the Oxford dictionary about editing their listing.

  • Hacker
  • Transphobia
  • Homophobia
  • Ablelism/Mentalism
  • Lookism
  • Classism
  • Economically?
  • Sexism
  • Racism
  • & how the above is to put into context with "i got kicked out because I prefer sewing to software"

Jimmie said we would poke Jason Scott on if he knows about the earliest usage of the word hacker with its current definition. Jason Scott linked back here.

Review of new links[edit]

We reviewed some new links, I'm not sure where I put them, I'll stick them here when I find them.

Action items[edit]

  • Mission Statement
  • Ask folks on mailing list for more links to resources, plus paragraph to go with them
  • Ask for stories
  • Stories involving stepping over the prejudice line and how they re covered, what they learned
  • Stories from initial contributors about why they're here, what they're want to contribute, why it's important, where they're going next (sexy picture)
  • Profile page for contributors
  • Resources: List of questions to figure out if you're being accepting and fair to others and examining their prejudices
  • Setup links section
  • Revisit in a month - First week of next month
  • List of things hackers have been segregated out for
  • Get the definition altered for the term hacker

Next meeting[edit]

Rubin will mail out a doodle soon to figure out scheduling.