Deezmaker Hackerspace Grand Opening

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Deezmaker Hackerspace Grand Opening
Deezmaker Hackerspace in Los Angeles Grand Opening
Type of Party
Start 09-23-2012
Homepage: Deezmaker 3D Printer Store & Hackerspace
Venue: Deezmaker Store
City: Pasadena
State: California
Country: United States of America
Min Cost: 00 USD <br />0 EUR <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />
Max Cost: 00 USD <br />0 EUR <br />0 GBP <br />0 BTC <br />0 INR <br />

Deezmaker-Sign-01-Grand-Opening.jpg Everyone is invited to the “Grand Opening” party of Los Angele’s first walk in 3D printer (Reprap style) store and hackerspace by Deezmaker.

We started out with our very successful Bukobot 3D printer and are now opening a place where you can come in and see them in action!

The store will have a showcase of 3D printers of all kinds (Bukobot, Makerbot, ORDbot, Prusa Mendel and the Wallace), 3D printing services, an educational space for classes on 3D printing and technology, and we will also be a member driven hackerspace that will give access to shop tools like 3D printers, CNC routers, lathes, laser cutters (coming soon) and more.

Come enjoy a cool day of celebration with us and hang out with us nerds, hackers, 3D printer geeks (and some normal people too) and have some food and drinks with other cool entertaining stuff.

Everyone that comes will get a free 3D printed object…and maybe other cool stuff too!

We are also going to try to make get a webcam setup on Google+ Hangout for those that can’t make it because of the distance.