Deep East Texas Hackerspace

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Deep East Texas Hackerspace
Status suspected inactive
Country United States of America
State or District Texas
City Carthage
Date of founding 2010/09/25
Last Updated 2020-08-09
Phone 9032245308
Snail mail

501 Private Road 5835
75633 Carthage
United States of America

Number of members 5
Membership fee Free memberships
Size of rooms 40x40
Location 32° 9' 26.58" N, 94° 20' 14.71" W

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I'm putting together a machine shop and collective hackerspace in my 40x40 foot steel workshop building, and would like to build a community of hackers and makers who want to share ideas and resources to invent and create.

Current tools include: power and hand tools for wood and metal, bandsaw, miter saw, table saw, drill press, wirefeed welder, torch, grinders, Petrobond sand casting.

Planned tools include vertical manual milling machine, CNC milling machine, heavy-duty stick welder, CNC 2-1/2D Router (MDF), foundry (lost wax, lost foam, green sand), CO2 Laser, plasma table

If you'd like a place to get your projects going, and are willing to lend a hand getting the space and the organization stared, give me a shout!

UPDATE: August 2013 - Deep East Texas Hackerspace has received our Form 1 3D printer ! We were proud to support the Form 1 Kickstarter, and are very excited to finally get our grubby paws on a real live SLA 3D printer.

Deep East Texas Hackerspace will be available for rapid prototyping and limited 3D production using the Form 1. Contact us for details!

We've also added a 14x40 manual gearhead engine lathe to the shop, and will be installing DROs on it soon, with the possibility of a CNC retrofit in the future. I'm very excited about that.

UPDATE: and Dremel are sponsoring our July build night! Put on your thinking caps and see what kinds of projects you can dream up using Dremel rotary tools and/or vibratory cutting tools. I'll post here when the date is finalized, but if you have any preferences, let me know. Lucky attendees will win a Dremel 4000 set and a Dremel Vibratory cutter set as door prizes to be raffled off at the end of the evening.