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Status planned
Country Turkey
City Istanbul
Date of founding 2010/08/01
Last Updated 2013-02-07
Snail mail


Location 41° 0' 18.97" N, 28° 58' 37.06" E

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Well this is a call for interest for a why the heck it has not existed before community for turkey istanbul. if you thought it would be nice or was already struglling by yourself, so we do. we need a space to come together and to do hmm things.. pragmatist hedonist playfull didactic, light, sound, wood, toy, button , wire , cloth , panel,robots, solar, moving, kicking.. well all those meshed up together i think we can make a thing.. contact email or telepathy..

update: >There seems to be a dorkbot group in Istanbul. Might help to meet like-minded people.

update: > Dadabit in Istanbul will probably not happen but guess what?! there seems to be now two founded hackerspaces in Istanbul!!!

    - Base Istanbul 
    - IstanbulHS

Interested People[edit]

 * yildirimcoder at gmail dot com
* Gismo C.
 * Raumfahrtagentur
 * SMTP/XMPP: gismo ÄT
 * Will bring in a Laser Cutter asap we have a key to something dry...
* Halfd
 * From Copenhagen hackerspace Labitat
* Yigit G
 * gro.tiiy[bey]
* Refik
 * refik.rfk AT gmail DOT com
 * will come with an arduino
* Jazz
* Mdemirst
 * First Hackerspace in Istanbul has been founded. Get details at