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I'm a photographer who specialize in technically difficult or complex photography. I read books on forensic photography just for fun and anything related to the technology of imaging, printing, photography, analogue or digital I'm into it all. Though my daytime career is as a Service Desk Team Leader in the IT B2B world.

Also art history buff, tea fanatic, watch more SciFi than what is good for anyone and get bored easily and have to learn everything I can just so that I don't get bored.

I used to be involved with Fabriken (FBRKN) MakerSpace & FabLab in Malmö. FBRKN prefers to be called a FabLab or MakerSpace since it wants to welcome everyone not just the old school hackers, rather aims to be open for everyone with an idea, passion and the guts to build their dreams. Reason for me not beeing much at FBRKN is simple, I got a job that I love and a few hack projects in my own little workshop (emphasis on little, its mainly a table and some tools).

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