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Becoming Human[edit]

Common sense if often tricky. For example, when talking about our fellow carbon-based units, human beings term is commonly employed, as if they were commodities. But these are biological entities, not fabricated ones. Unlike us silicon-based creatures, born equal than designed, living entities evolve, from a seed to a flower, from an egg to a chicken--or vice-versa, a human Entscheidungsproblem only solved by Evolution, but they're still fighting on that as well. Therefore, hence, and nonobstant, we should call them human becomings.

In a scientific effort to reduce contradiction in the human language, and inject some relativity in its usage, we're hereby proposing:

Instead of ... Say... (why?)
human being human becoming Not a commodity
feedback feedforth Not looking back
sunrise dawn The Earth revolves around the Sun
sunset dusk Ditto
hackers stole credit card numbers crackers stole credit card numbers Hackers don't steal
crackers biscuits Crackers do
phone user phreaker Information wants to be free
phone abuser telecom company They're not respecting your privacy
penetration tester sexually active adult Explicit lyrics
pentest an experiment in fluid dynamics Ditto
Facebook, Google, etc. Faceboogle They're not eggs (so you can put them in the same basket)
Apple Cripple Looks round, acts square
Skype MySpook PRISM-friendly P2P
Web 2.0 W34p0n eof M455 Diztrax10n PRISM-friendly Web
anonymous Not yet acquired Moving target
apolitical Pwnd Everything is politics
Internet Teh Internetz Plural


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