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Can I See Your Badge, Please?[edit]

Badges? We don't need no stinkin' badges!

Badges are simple opt-in templates to advertise a commonality.

Creating a Badge[edit]

  1. Name your badge, and create a template for it
  2. Copy-paste existing badge code, e.g., from Template:User_human
  3. Use it on your user page, e.g., {{User human}}

Naming Badges[edit]

In order to reduce the namespace clutter, and make it easier to use badges, please follow these recommendations:

  • For user pages, use User verb foo
  • For hackerspaces, use Space verb bar
  • Use active verbs: makes, knows, loves, teaches...
  • Prefer generic over grammatically correct: makes beer is more generic than brews, and easier for non-native speakers

Example names:

Template Usage Result
Template:Prism-Break {{Prism-Break}}
Get help breaking out of PRISM surveillance!
Template:User human {{User human}}
This user works on an oscillating biological clock.
Template:User NoStinkinBadges {{User NoStinkinBadges}}
We don't need no stinkin'badges.
Template:User 9001 {{User 9001}} Template:User 9001
Template:User makes {{User makes}} Template:User makes
Template:User knows kung-fu {{User knows kung-fu}} Template:User knows kung-fu
Template:User knows C {{User knows C}} Template:User knows C
Template:User knows LISP {{User knows LISP}} Template:User knows LISP
Template:User teaches electronics {{User teaches electronics}} Template:User teaches electronics
Template:User loves MilkyMist {{User loves MilkyMist}} Template:User loves MilkyMist
Template:User loves RepRap {{User loves RepRap}} Template:User loves RepRap
Template:User loves CCC {{User loves CCC}} Template:User loves CCC

Styling a Badge[edit]

This is a work in progress: badges should be styled per family, depending on their intended usage. E.g., user badges should match the User template.

Using a Badge[edit]

Badges can be used like any templates. For example, you can add the PRISM Break badge to your user page with this markup: {{Prism-Break}}

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