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Status active
Country Spain
State or District Canary Islands
City Puerto del Rosario
Date of founding 2011/12/23
Last Updated 2024-04-17
Snail mail

(non-fixed! nomadic!)
E- Puerto del Rosario

Number of members 15
Membership fee 100€/week including stay+food
Size of rooms 100 m²
Members Dcht00, Liesdl
Open to Exchanges? yes
Open to Residencies? yes
Residencies Contact
Location 28° 36' 29.66" N, 13° 49' 41.84" W

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(about this entry)[edit]

You've reached a rarely-updated community wiki entry for the Totalism Hackbase - a coliving hacklab).

For the latest information, see !

If you're interested in Hackbases generally, also join (Matrix).

Cht1 poster.png


TOTALISM HACKBASE / Cyberhippietotalism is a tactical class platform, researching and building Hackbases = hacker live-in labs.

CHT#1 was set on Lanzarote, Canary Islands, from December 2011 - June 2014. The second hackbase restarted as a permanent temporary nomadic camp in November 2014.

Hackbases are a liquid ("come and go when you like"), permanent or temporary habitat for hacking, theory and avantgarde art, open to everyone. Unlike hackerspaces, this can enable:

  • focused group work (week-long code sprints on open-source projects or startups)
  • a full-time hacker lifestyle, as you live in a hackerspace and don't need to pay rent
  • your cheap time off with hackers from all across the world

Established in 2011, the project has since become what you might expect from a hackerspace - electronics/DIY/hardware tools, stuff to hack, a server with local services, a complex network topology. The sleeping parts are as separated as architecturally necessary. It has hosted over 100 people so far.

Cht1 lounge.jpg


We thought it would be a good idea to spend a full winter hacking in a 20°C+, year-long ocean swimming climate. And against The_Roommate_Anti-Pattern: while other hackerspaces are only places to go to "in your free time", CHT is a challenge to make hacking & creative work the main part of every day. It is a place to live, work and sleep, cook & eat nutritious food together every day, launch parties, and explore nature from. Like in 1972.

Playa La Geria (Arrieta).jpgLanza1.jpg

  • CHT is an open space for everyone & accepting projects-residents all year long.
  • 100+ people have stayed at the space, with 5.5 average in season#3a
  • Non-profit, open budget
  • The Lanzarote island has a well connected airport in Arrecife. Shuttle+flight from EU should be 50-100€

Cht1 r1.jpgCht1 r2.jpg

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