Y - A variable in search of identity

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Y - A variable in search of identity
Y, a variable in search of identity
Subevent of XY Lab
Type of Workshop
Start 2014-07-17 (iCal)
End 2014-07-31
Homepage: XY Lab
Venue: Castello Baronale De Gualtieriis
City: Castrignano de' Greci
State: Puglia
Country: Italy
Min Cost: 0 USD
Important dates
Submissions due: 2014-06-30
Call Y LdB.jpg

“Y - a variable in search of identity” is a research and cooperative making lab about ”VIDEOMHACKING”, a neologism which describes the interaction between hacking, technological innovation and digital storytelling aimed to transform the way we tell stories through the video. An immersive lab of 15 days in the baronial castle of Castrignano de 'Greci, 20 km far from Otranto. Teaching will takes 8 hours per day, for an amount of about 100 hours. Teachers and researchers of international level will coordinate the work of 3 project / research tables. We’ll share with participants method and technologies that could make production segments already existent more efficient by reducing production costs, by stimulating the self as a form of self-employment and by developing hybrid design capabilities, outcome of contamination between different professions, thus opening up a world of opportunities.

The workshop has as its purpose:

  • To learn the theory and practice of writing and marketing of audiovisual content on the web, and wonder about the future of its distribution, regarding the canonical media (cinema, TV and home video)
  • To investigate the possibility of hacking and digital craftsmanship oriented to the work of the videomaker
  • The development of tools for videomaking
  • The development of awareness about the repositioning of the increasing hybrid professionals

Students who may participate are those involved in the fields of cinema, writing and scriptwriting, information technology, interaction design, or young professionals in the field of making, hacking and storytelling, such as anyone who has a passion about such topics, aged between 18 and 35.

In the case of applications exceeding the available places, a selection will be made. Those who respond to one or more of the following requirements will have more chance to be chosen:

  • Knowledge of programming languages: C/C++ or Java
  • Experience writing of various kinds (cinema, blogs, TV, information platforms, social networks, etc.)
  • Experience in software development with object-oriented languages
  • Experience with audio and video shooting equipment
  • Experience in the integration and use of software libraries
  • Experience in film, television, or the production of content for the web
  • Knowledge of collaborative development systems and code versioning
  • Knowledge of VFX Compositing programs
  • Knowledge of Assembly programming language and ARM processors
  • Knowledge of audio, video and photo editing programs
  • Knowledge of rapid hardware prototyping platforms: Arduino - Knowledge of Magic Lantern

Here's a sketch of the topics the Hacker group will cover by Maqs of Magic Lantern:

  • What is ML? How does it work?
  • Writing ML modules (API basics)
  • "My first module" (talk-through module development)
  • Picture Transfer Protocol (PTP)
  • ARM Assembler
  • Tasks / Message Queues / State Objects
  • Cache Hacking / Memory Layout
  • File I/O API, Network API
  • Reverse Engineering (basics)

The lab is FREE. For more info: info@xylab.org

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