Wolfplex Hackerspace

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Wolfplex Hackerspace
Logo Wolfplex.png
Status building
Country Belgium
State or District Hainaut
City Charleroi
Date of founding 2010/05/20
Last Updated 2015-03-21
Website http://www.wolfplex.be
Wiki http://www.wolfplex.be/wiki/
IRC irc://irc.freenode.net/wolfplex
Twitter http://twitter.com/wolfplex
E-mail hackerspace@wolfplex.home.kg
Mailinglist http://discuss.hackerspaces.be/listinfo.cgi/wolfplex-hackerspaces.be
Snail mail


Number of members 9
Membership fee 10 € - monthly

(7 € for starving hackers)

Size of rooms 85 m²
Members Dereckson
Location 50° 24' 22.27" N, 4° 26' 20.51" E

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Wolfplex is an hackerspace at Charleroi, Belgium. It's the first Belgian hackerspace in Wallonia or with French as main working language (hey, we're open to English international events too!).


Accent is put on the following stuff: open source development, hackathons, electronic devices hacking, robotic, biohacking, events and video projection, digital arts, etc.

Recent update[edit]

Interested to regenerate the hackerspace? Add yourself in this list.