White-Hat Club

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White-Hat Club
Status closed
Country India
State or District Assam
City Guwahati
Date of founding 2008/02/06
Last Updated 2020-05-15
Website http://www.whitehatgroup.in
E-mail info@whitehatgroup.in
Snail mail

Naharani Path
0361-781005 Guwahati

Number of members 30
Membership fee Absolutely Free
Size of rooms 1000 ft²
Location 26° 11' 1.68" N, 91° 45' 47.88" E

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Welcome to White-Hat Club.

An Introduction

The WHC (White-Hat Club) is the "first of its kind" Information Technology and Electronics Club in the North-East. Here, every club member gets a common platform to learn as well as share their skills on various aspects of Information Technology, Electronics and many other practical, truth-revealing and creative aspects of life with little or no monetary expenditure at all.

We are a part of White-Hat Group of Institution which is a “self-sustaining” NGO based out of the North-East which is striving to bridge the digital-divide between the North-Eastern states and the other parts of India by offering free/low-cost IT education to those who want to learn but cannot afford the sky-rocketing price-tag involved with IT Education in this region. We provide the same without any institutionalized mal-practices.

Not to mention, we make sure that the same, being offered either for free or for a very low-cost is made highly quality-rich, professional and productivity-centric at the same time.

We hack stuff and teach whoever wants to know how to do it... mostly for free or sometimes with a little monetary involvement (to capture costs of organizing the event) Besides that, we have a poll of experts on various fields such as applications programming, software research and development, website designing, Robotics, Electronics, Content Creation, and much more.

Meaning of the word “White-Hat”

The term White Hat refers to those IT/Electronics experts who use their technical skills for the betterment of the human race.

This Hackerspace has a Kitchen

This Hackerspace has a Shower

This Hackerspace has a Soldering Iron