WIFI Cracking 101

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WIFI Cracking 101
WIFI Cracking 101
Type of Workshop
Start 2/2/2013 (iCal)
End 2/2/2013
Homepage: http://nesit.org/wifi-cracking-101/
Venue: NESIT Hackerspace
City: Meriden
State: CT
Country: Usa
Min Cost: 25 USD
18.5 EUR
15.25 GBP
0.0357 BTC
1,540.5 INR
Max Cost: 50 USD
37 EUR
30.5 GBP
0.0714 BTC
3,081 INR

As part of our on-going Whitehat Wednesdays we will be teaching a beginner’s class about wireless penetration testing.

Part 1: We’ll be exploring multiple ways and techniques to both penetrate, spoof, and own wireless networks from both the AP side and the client side. Using open source tools like Wifite, Reaver, aircrack, and more…

Part 2: We’ll talk about techniques to detect and mitigate the attacks from the first part.

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