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auditive wandering around yet unknown ground


a prerecorded 40min show

  • music selection by PrototypeX29A (freenode, #hsbxl)
  • talking & editing by ptr_here (freenode, #hsbxl)

CC-music by

  • entertainment for the braindead
  • eletrotriphop remix 'run'
  • 'dirtbag' byg brad sucks
  • 'mesmerize' by triad
  • 'oscillofun' by finalman (non-commercial use only)
  • 'billy ray's circus of life' sean wright
  • 'monument' by shearer

software used

  • ardour2
  • festival text-to-speech (cmu arctic & mbrola voices)
  • audacity

preparation notes[edit]

intro tune -achtung swedish rhapsidy number stations

dn42 - config,uses etc das-labor in general, their domotics free music: peter selects artist, does intro,music played in show is from artist + remixes (eg. entertainment for the braindead + eletrotriphop remix 'run') - brad suc ks + remixes

publicity : brainfck , vi emacs

richard stallman says (random quote)

scope of the day : random scope image - put yr scope in xy mode, connect the

procrastination tips -random questions to ppl in hsbxl (web comics, websites etc)