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Hi elmom,

I don't understand what you did there:

That is totally out of context, which is why I've removed it.
The Wikispaces page is about linking our wikis through semantic data.
What did you want to tell us? --Kwisatz 19:37, 15 October 2009 (UTC)

Hi. Is it customary to answer on the same user talk page?
Anyway, I think you mean this edit: which is the one I made :)
What I failed to write was that the wikihost was meant to offer semantic wiki and about all related extensions and the cheapest option is free. The third point which you appear to refer to also says:
"Promote usage of Semantic MediaWiki among hackerspaces to ease content management and sharing"
The best way to promote the use of something is to make it significantly easier to use, and mentioning a free host is just that. I did mention that we are migrating to it, which should help in figuring out if I'm correct in thinking that the quality of service will be adequate. The admin of the host being a long time semantic wikimedia dev is partly to blame for my impression of the host being worth mentioning.
In general free hosting can help new hackerspaces start like it has and will help ours.
Do you still think it is out of context? -- User:Elmom
Yes, it is customary to reply here and you may additionally add one or more colons to indent your reply.
Your reply explains what you wanted to add and no, it's not out of context anymore. I suggest you add your info below "Requirements for Events", stating that a host running MediaWiki is a prime requirement and that free hosting is available @ --Kwisatz 17:25, 16 October 2009 (UTC)