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First name Oliver
Last Name π.entka
Nickname schentuu
Last Updated 2015-12-18
E-Mail Address
Member of Subraum
Country Germany
City Paderborn

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  • electronics
  • micro controllers
  • coding
  • club mate (beverage)
  • gentoo on raspberry pi
  • pen & paper RPG
  • minecraft
  • ...

schentuu, silly name!?[edit]

It's pronounced: schen·tuu /[ˈʃən tuː]/ [1] (sounds similar to "shen-2")

Some years ago, I was amused how some germans with poor english sounded, when they tried to say the name of my favorite Linux distribution. This inspired me to form a nickname from an intentionally exaggerated german pronunciation of the english word 'gentoo'.

First it was just a joke, when I had to register at an very unimportant forum. But later I started liking it. So it became my common nickname.