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Title: Take photos of Philadelphia, and make Wikipedia better

Here's a message from Asheesh, a free culture fan who recently round his way to Philadelphia:

Do you read Wikipedia?

Do you live in the Philadelphia area?

Then help Wikipedia Take Philadelphia. On Saturday April 11, starting at noon, Wikipedia fans will be roaming across Philadelphia taking photos to fill in the gaps on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Takes Philadelphia is a photo scavenger hunt and free content photography contest to be held all around Philadelphia aimed at illustrating Wikipedia articles.

The city needs it. There's a long list of Philadephia places needing photos on Wikipedia. You can read more about the event on Wikpedia. This is the second Wikipedia photography event in Philly so far.

We start at noon on the Drexel quad on Saturday, April 11.

If you want to come, RSVP on the Facebook event. And spread the word! (If Facebook's not your bag, add yourself to the Wikipedia page above.)