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Member of
RiverSpace STL
United States of America
Florissant, Missouri

Wants to build Hackerspace in

Florissant, Missouri (United States of America)

Other users that want to build a Hackerspace in Florissant, Missouri


Programming stuff will be located at

Twitter: @MrHacks.

Current List of Open Projects[edit]

  • Project: Kana - Process English character strings into Japanese Kana. Eventually will include Chinese and Korean using Hash Arrays. (Yes, you can do those in C++!)
  • Project: Poker - Create a video poker card game in C++ that can be played in a Linux terminal.
  • Project: Rapid List - Create a list of links quickly using JavaScript.
  • Project: Codebreaker - Using Python, create a decyphering program to crack, or at least identify the code used in an old FBI case involving a local murder in 1999.
  • Project: Softwarez - Restore and clean up (to abide by Wikia's TOS) pages from the Softwarez category from the now defunct Encyclopedia Dramatica. Check out
  • Project: El Tiempo - Create a fork of the weather application found in Ubuntu to work a bit better.

More projects can be found at

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