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Status planned
Country Canada

State or District

British Columbia

City Victoria

Date of founding


Last Updated 2015-08-27
Snail mail

V8R 6A7 Victoria

Number of members


Membership fee

Sliding scale - CAD - Business plan not yet finalized - Seeking funding shortly.

Size of rooms

30' Trailer

Location 48° 26' 15", -123° 18' 7"

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Take us places![edit]

Schools, Libraries, Disabled & Senior Care Homes, Neighboring Towns & Cities, Remote Communities, Events, and Even as a Rental in Your own Driveway!

We are working on a few configurations that would suite the needs of each situation. For example, a drill press and forge would not be conducive to an environment around small children or those who are unable to understand correct safety procedures. A modular design is best for a project such as this so parts can be easily swapped out without having to build multiple units. Since we are makers ourselves, most tools and modules are being built by ourselves with input from each community.

Labled makerspace.png

Each configuration will have a 3D printer, laser cutter, computer lab, and all class room equipment which we will build on for each unique setting.

Labled inside makerspace.png

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