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Just a young amateur getting a maker group up and running, eventually going to get a hackerspace going. My group right now is called Seacoast Makers, and we're meeting every other weekend. Check the site for details.

Notable accomplishments: many electronic things big and small repaired constructed large articulated cardboard hand assembled a few electronics kits

Tools/Equipment: a Fireball V90 CNC Router power drill, oscillating multitool, various hand tools (screwdrivers, socket wrench, saws, files, pliers etc.) a few soldering irons, a flux wire welder, 5 or 6 "old" computers (10-5 years old)

I've also got a lot of small bits of material (I'm a junk hoarder, but not to the point where there's no room to walk) but I don't really feel like going through it all to list it. Basically it's a bunch of organized scraps of plastic, metal, and electronics. I've only got a few big items. I try to avoid having too many big things due to lack of space.

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