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Status building
Country United Kingdom

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City Swindon

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Last Updated 2009-09-05
Website www.ubervolt.net
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United Kingdom

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Free - for now!

Location 51° 23' 10", -1° 46' 18"

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Ubervolt was set up to hack electric bike kits like electro-drive. Designed for 24V, these work fine at higher voltages (36V - 60V) and in multiple motor configurations. Likewise hub motors that can run up to 1,400 watts using third-party ESCs. The Cyclone (chain/chainwheel drive) is the next system that (I think) needs hacking, but it needs folks with MECHANICAL ENGINEERING RESOURCES - though anybody is welcome!

We have access to workspace, parts, electronics, batteries etc. Designing and programming microcontrollers we can do to interface to commercial Electronic Speed Controllers (ESC).

The market is huge: for a few £100 you can put together something on 1,2,3 or more wheels that will change your attitude to local car usage. If useful commercial products can be developed, the route to exploit this is already mapped out.

contact: tony@mr-motorvator.co.uk, 07974 723996

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