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Minutes from third meeting 26th of February in the Alexandre Hotel at 7pm in the lobby bar.

11 Attendees


  What is covered - what type do we need.
  We will need to have warning signs and goggles etc

New places seen

  Three members visited about 20 potential sites before the meeting.
  The best is a 500 sq m site - 2000 Eur per month (bigger than any other site)
     Rates on the building - how much.  Would the size of this place be too much ?
        Do we have to pay ?
        Harcesz is asking 3 other places in Dub what they pay / do not pay and how / why
        Rob is checking general rates info


  When the site is live we will need to pay for :
  * Rent 
  * Rates
  * Insurance
  * Electricity 
  * Heating (Could we use a wood burning stove and get a grant ?)
  * Bin charges 
  * Internet
  * TV license
  * Cleaning consumables
  * Drinks / snacks (sell back to visitors ?)
  Plus some one off fees
  * Security
  * Construction (of false walls etc or painting)

Digital hub has empty building - check what they have

Discussion was held about cross communication between open groups or rather the lack of it

Bank acct

  Do we need constitution ?
  We will need proof of address which will be someone's house until we have a site.


  Membership has now begun for the month of March.   
  * We asked for fee of 50 Eur or bring next meet
  7 people paid 50 Eur
  Payments are for March
  The project will not start until 5000 Eur in bank
  Need real name / contact details for members but this will be held just by membership group
  Office space should not to be used for 'rentable desks' as this stops all members being  even
  Open events - free or voluntary donation

Ossbarcamp - set up talk

  Rob is preparing 10 minute talk with slides for OSS Bar Camp


  We should have a visitors ID badge
  We discussed having an ID card for members - no photo just to stop 'tail gating'
     Maybe use a key or rfid card for this

Founding members plaque

  We discussed various ways of marking the founding users who have put in 
  money before the site even exists. 
  A Plaque is not a good idea as it doesn't give a fair picture of who worked 
  hard etc after the site is created.
  It might put people off joining
  A monthly poster of 'key members' or 'members of the month' was discussed.
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