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Minutes from second meeting

10 Attendees

  • A quick activity time was set up in the gallery area of RedSpace (thank you). This involved an introduction to soldering.
  • The meeting was then continued in the Belvedere Hotel around the corner to work on the plans.


  • It has been suggested we work on a larger space rather than a 'one room' setup. This will require more income and more members but will allow for expansion and not put off future membership.
  • It has been noted that to get money into the bank before the project can start we need to start charging monthly membership fee to attend meetings.
  • The management structure will be 4-5 members of board of managers. One will be the treasurer and one will be the secretary. Other members will be none position holding. We will not require a chairperson.
  • Details have been taken of properties near to the RedSpace venue.
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