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The meeting will be on Thursday 23rd of April from 7pm to 9pm.The meeting will be in DIT Kevin Street in room KA-3-005.

Agenda for meeting:


1. Constitution.

2. Electing the committee.

3. Update on physical sites.

4. Plans for web site.

5 Update on Finance.

6. AOB


7. Activities


8. Pub

The two activities are :

1. Beginners electronics: some of the topics will be: ohm's law. What is a capacitor\Led . and a simple circuits. No equipment is needed but it you have a breadboard and multimeter bring them along.

2.The use of GnuPG/PGP encryption with emails. How to set up your public and private keys.

If people could give us an idea of who would like to do what , that would be great, send an email to the mail list or on irc.

As always the meetings are open to any one who would like to come along and join in on one of the activities.

Directions. The easiest way to get to the lab is to enter through the Church Lane entrance of the building -

Coming from Stephens Green, continue straight on past the Stephens Green Hotel, past Shine pub and then take the left turn after you pass Cafe Sora. Entrance is on your right.

On entering the building you enter a large foyer. There is a shop on your left.Go through the double doors just past the shop and to the left are stairs and a lift. Go to the third floor and go left and follow the signs to 3-005.

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