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Tijuana makerspace
Status closed
Country Mexico

State or District

Baja California

City Tijuana

Date of founding


Last Updated 2019-05-16
Website http://tijuanamakerspace.wordpress.com/about/



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Number of members


Location 32° 31' 29", -117° 1' 59"

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Tijuana Makerspace is an interdisciplinary meetings to experimentation with new technologies.

The working model is based on collaboration, where people with common interests and different knowledge profiles and expertise share information to find creative solutions in the development of prototypes and projects.

Tijuana Makerspace is an open community that collaborates and shares tools, techniques and methodologies related to the microlectronic, open hardware, computer art and Do It Yourself culture.

Tijuana Makerspace proposes practical research in the development of virtual and physical prototypes, built with a mix of emerging technologies based on open source philosophies to generate sustainable knowledge.

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