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Meeting Minutes: 2011-03-21[edit]

Meetings and Facebook Groups[edit]

  • Will not use the Committee FB group and try using the main FB group for the next two weeks
  • Solicit feedback from the membership on the change

Membership Dues and Misc.[edit]

  • Protocol
    • Put your dues in an envelope with your name on it.
    • Put them in the bucket that has the word "DUES" written on it.
    • If there are envelopes with dues in them, write receipts for any received payments
      • place received dues in "Dues" envelope in the drawer
      • Receipts will be placed under the bucket for members to pick up
  • Dues due by 20th.
  • Automated dues reminder.
  • Request to deactivate to internal access to Heather
  • Outside door access turns off after 30 days, Google Apps account deactivated

Dues Reminders[edit]

  • Set up free automated email notifier service.

Funding Projects?[edit]

  • CEDC? Cory to talk to them in April
  • Let's look at Jame's list to figure out
  • James is going to take leadership on guiding us trough the funding process for project(s)

Open House[edit]

  • Facebook Event April 10th, 2011 12-8pm
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