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Meeting Minutes: 2011-03-03[edit]

Sign MOU[edit]

We signed it, let's move on.

Information Session[edit]


  • awesome presentation
  • get to know you circle go around was cool
  • we got a good turnout, and had two members signed up as a result

Do better

  • more networking - get rid of chairs and encourage people to hang out and chat
  • need table moved out in front so presenter doesn't have to turn around all of the time - a podium
  • demos - need ooh ahh factor
  • free training or seminar - give something to potential recruits to draw them in
  • get to know you needs more interesting questions
  • nametags
  • use open house as a recruiting opportunity
  • do planned project or demo

Rules and Policies[edit]

Luke to update online.

Stuff We Need[edit]

  • Putting $10 in petty cash fund per committee member to help buy stuff for the space.
  • Luke and Kris to go to the Dollar Store

LAN Party[edit]

  • Hot and Ready Pizza
  • Buy a few cases of pop
  • notify invitees of what games to play
  • clean up and set up space for LAN party next Thursday
  • table and chair orientation
  • get games - Battlefield 1942
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