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General Information Session[edit]

  • March 2nd?
  • Mine email addresses from survey and send out invites to General Information Session
  • General Facebook invite

Memorandum Of Understanding[edit]

  • Needs to be done soon
  • Itemize what NOIC is doing and what we are doing
  • Cory and Kris volunteered.
  • Propose bank account structures


  • Logo
  • Website
    • Link domain name to Tumblr page
    • Tumblr page to link to other social media presence (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Flyers
    • Engineering Dept. at LU
    • Around town
    • College
  • ΩBase is a HACKERSPACE.

Bank Account[edit]

  • Paypal
    • Liability? Who has access to it?
    • Point it to a bank account.


  • Wall of shame - public billboard with who has/hasn't paid
  • One-time pay-half-price-for-March-2011-if-you-come-to-the-LAN-Party deal

Signup Form[edit]

  • Google form - Kris and Cory


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