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  • Discuss Centre for Change rent increases
  • Iron out Membership rates (and up front fee if needed)
  • Locking in members
    • Idea* Marketing strategy incl. membership attraction, media plan etc (needs to be consistent ie. *logo/slogan/colours/letterheads/ppt/everything to this nature). Once the group provides some overall direction a small group can run with this and report back to everyone with their work. James (me) will volunteer to help with this.
  • Move in Saturday instead. There's a big press conference happening friday in our building and we don't want to disturb it.


Centre for Change rent increase[edit]

  • everyone seems to agree that this is ok. If it becomes a problem in year 3 or 4, we'll figure out some alternatives then.

Membership Rates[edit]

  • full members $50/month
  • students $25/month - need proof of current enrollment
  • registration fee $20 (should cover costs)
  • guest visit $5
  • dues paid on the 20th of every month
    • look into getting a PayPal account to handle subscriptions
  • children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian
    • 1 child/adult allowed only
  • valid photo ID

Locking in members[edit]

  • Membership package includes
    • Registration form
    • Rules and Regulations
    • Rights and Responsibilities
    • Waiver
    • key
    • 5 guest passes
    • parking pass
    • information

Marketing stuff[edit]

  • we'll address the issues as the need arises, but we will use the energy of our committee if someone feels like figuring some of this stuff out.

Move into new space[edit]

  • we'll try to get the keys for Feb 25th, and we'll start moving stuff into the space on Feb 26th.

LAN Party Fundraiser[edit]

  • Friday, March 11th
  • Free for members, $5 for non-members
    • We need to be ready to accept new members at this event! Membership packages ready.
    • If people join during the event, we can put their $5 toward their membership fee.
  • We'll provide pizza
  • Beverages will be $1 each, or BYOB
  • 8pm-1am
  • use FB to promote event
  • whatever games... use FB to discuss what people want to play


  • Understand how NOIC wants the money for rent (cash/cheques)
  • Look into setting up a bank account
  • $300 a month for damage up to 900
  • Ask judy to see if she'll ask ross for the money
  • Look into getting keys on feb 25th for moving in on the 26th
  • Look into network access
  • Anthony to make projections
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