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Questions with Judy[edit]

  • Everything is "good to go" for the end of Feb
  • We need a memorandum of understanding
    • 3 month length?
    • revisit after 3mo universally
    • Ben will follow up with Judy on MOU, with Anthony's help
    • our committee signs with NOIC
    • our members will sign a membership agreement with us
  • key decisions that NOIC should be involved in
    • they want to review our membership agreement when we create it

How can NOIC help us?[edit]

  • marketting
  • perhaps an event before we move into the big lab
  • applying for local funding (TBay Ventures)
  • getting NOTA's money
    • use for capital expenses/security deposit
    • in line with their mandate too
  • should we apply for funding before moving into the new space?
    • NOHFC
    • it's a defined "project" - the startup of a community space
    • city money?
    • "community foundation"

How do we help NOIC?[edit]

  • we're an idea incubator supporting their mandate
  • we help ideas spark that may eventually lead to products and businesses

Public Face[edit]

  • they won't be strict on us mentioning them
    • won't require a logo or anything
  • we should involve them in events, press, etc.
  • we'll call it a "partnership"

Cash Flow[edit]

  • set up a separate account
  • membership fees deposit into
  • budget
  • their existing purchasing policy
    • items over $1000 require 3 quotes
    • we want to amend this into the agreement
    • spending our own money = OK
    • not sure about signing authority, cheques, etc.
    • they will have to sign service agreements (internet, etc) and tenant insurance

Membership agreement[edit]

  • IP always remains with the inventors
  • we'll have to revisit this one

"open-source creativity"[edit]

  • confusing?
  • may send the wrong impression
  • creativity is good, but we don't want people to think that everything has to be open-source

Questions for Leigh[edit]

  • everyone vote for them on FB
  • we'll summarize and revisit

content strategy[edit]

  • documenting projects
  • managing things created
  • keep track of owners of projects, etc
  • we want to document what we're doing in the space
  • communicate for media, to members
  • revisit


  • event idea!

Managing membership[edit]

  • open vs nominated?
    • every new member must be nominated by a member
    • bring them in
    • introduce them to 2 other members
  • all members
    • be excellent to each other
    • get a poster? It works for Noisebridge...
  • full member - $50
    • get a vote - control
    • 24h access - accessibility
    • eligible for committee nomination
    • workshops - material costs only
    • locker/bin/cupboard
  • student - $30
    • must be a registered student
    • everything else the same as full
  • donations
    • discount on workshops?
  • Open house nights
    • once a month?
    • revisit
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