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  • Discuss Jan. 27th meeting with Judy Re: NOIC space rental
  • Discuss future consultation with Toronto Hackerspace leadership. Timing? Topics? Assign coordinator.
  • Print and sign document for letter of intent at TBCoC.
  • Website and communication plan with the community - we need one.
  • Room setup
  • Group leadership - how do we want to lead our group?
  • Sharing space with people at new space
  • NOTA vs non-NOTA

Discuss Jan. 27th meeting with Judy Re: NOIC space rental[edit]

  • damage deposit may be an issue - we need to agree on something with Judy
    • group in general agrees to pony up to $100 dame deposit per person in addition to the membership fee for NOIC space

Future consultation with Toronto Hackerspace[edit]

  • Kris to ask Leigh Honeywell to conference in to ask questions about opening our hackerspace
    • doc and threads for questions to ask her
  • Have a launch party

Print and sign document for letter of intent at TBCoC[edit]

  • Luke to deliver Letter of Intent to Sandi

Website and communication plan[edit]

  • Group agrees we need a communication strategy,
  • Establish a tumblr account
  • Youtube and Flickr
  • hootsuite to handle
  • Cory to own setting up these processes and documenting the login info

Room setup[edit]

  • Kris is heading this up
    • Will connect with committee on FB
  • new space - needs sewing machine - need old school machine from Ben

NOTA follow up[edit]

  • We should ask Leigh about leadership models of hackerspaces

Group leadership[edit]

  • lead by committee

Sharing space[edit]

  • generally no, but people wanting to use space have to become members and abide by the rules of the hacklab

NOTA vs non-NOTA[edit]

  • NIOC seems to be a better choice for starting up the hacklab
  • Kris and Ben to meet with Judy to discuss what it would take to bring Ohm Base under NOIC

Next Chair[edit]

  • Ben
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