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Meeting January 20, 2011[edit]


  • NOIC proprosal
  • NOIC next steps


  • NOIC proposal approved - we move in March 1st.
  • Facilities
    • talk with Judy about taking over the space for the three months
      • Ben, James, and Kris will attend
      • desks
      • equipment
      • internet
      • dates in Feb to setup?
      • tenants rules we need to follow?
      • key access (# of keys) and cost
      • How do we pay rent?
    • paying members
  • Discussed risks with NOTA transfer


  • letter of intent for hackersapce at The Centre of Change - Cory
  • need some people to plan the new hackerspace at NOIC - Luke, Kris, Greg
  • talk with Judy and find out how to pay her rent - Ben, Kris, James
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