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Meeting January 1, 2011[edit]


  • Met with Ross McCubbin to discuss NOTA org.
  • potential board and committee structures
  • 19 people filled out the survey so far
  • board liability insurance
  • looked at the survey
  • Start meeting Thursdays - next meeting January 20th.


  • SPACE - Meet with Sandy to ask: (Luke)
    • Legal entity requirements
    • Monthly costs?
    • Insurance costs, requirements?
    • Down payment?
    • Timelines?
    • Cost for utilities (internet, cleaning, etc.)
    • Confirm 24hr access is OK
    • Lease commitments?
    • Confirm all the goodies we can get our hands on to call our own. :)
  • Write Ross McCubbin a letter of intent (Cory)
    • Who we are
    • What we're doing (ideas)
    • Who we're asking for