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Meeting January 4, 2011[edit]


The Project[edit]


  • to establish a hacklab space
  • attract committed members
  • bring finances to a break-even level

How do we get there[edit]

  • find a space for less than $320/month
  • using word of mouth, get 8 or more members to commit to a membership
  • charge $50/month
  • $80/month insurance
  • we need a list of requirements from a landlord before we rent


  • ORG - Invite Ross McCubbin from NOTA to next OHM Base meeting (James)
  • MEMBERS - Create Facebook Group and promote the "sign-up" form (Cory) - DONE! ✓
  • SPACE - Contact Sandy to ask: (Luke) - DONE! ✓
    • Legal entity requirements
    • Monthly costs?
    • Insurance costs, requirements?
    • Down payment?
    • Timelines?
    • Cost for utilities (internet, cleaning, etc.)
    • Confirm 24hr access is OK
    • Lease commitments?
    • Confirm all the goodies we can get our hands on to call our own. :)
  • MEMBERS - Create "pre" commitment list of members on Google Forms (Ben) - DONE! ✓