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Notes from the meeting of December 14, 2010[edit]


  • We need to see if there are any revenue assumptions for potentially renting out the training lab in the NWO Innovation Centre. If we were to start an occupancy arrangement it would probably start as a pilot. It would be flexible. Currently there is limited use of the training lab, so this could be beneficial.
  • It is big.
  • We need to provide a list of benefits to the community and economic development, continuing education...
  • We need to explain what we will be doing, citing (Toronto) and the NYC Resistor.
  • We need to show what level of interest we have, including use cases for the space.
  • We need to measure interest in the student population (perhaps in January).
  • There might need to be a cap on the number of active members, depending on the capacity of the space.
  • Ten to twelve full-paying members and perhaps another 20 partial members, according to the tiered membership system, would be a reasonable start.
  • Partial members may have to pay extra for workshops, do not have as many voting rights, and will not have their own keys.
  • We could run workshops and training sessions, as well as social events like movie nights. This could again be tied into the tiered membership.
  • This is a not-for-profit business model. Any extra revenue would be re-invested into equipment, etc.
  • We might be able to rent out equipment as a service (for example, a 3D printer for prototyping). We might also offer a repair service.
  • We have many potential sources of old equipment and e-"waste" that we could actually use, including the Lakehead University TSC.
  • We might want to look for community sponsors, including tool and equipment vendors.
  • This could potentially be a great economic stimulation for the community, and a great source of professional networking.
  • We must arrange a contract that specifies that individual members keep ownership of any intellectual property that they generate while at the hacklab.
  • We might consider an initial membership startup fee, to cover per-member startup costs. We might charge a deposit per key. The initial membership fee might change as the facilities improve.
  • We might host an open-house showoff event night.
  • What do we need immediately to make it worthwhile?
  • Memberships are probably by individual and not company, but that might change.
  • Donations might include capital as equipment, not just capital as funds.
  • The Innovation Centre is a good location in terms of student interest, though it might deter people that aren't fans of the university atmosphere. We also need to consider parking.
  • We need a name.
  • We need a committee. So far, the members of this meeting could be good candidates.
  • As a disclaimer: Judy is not committing to anything! This is only a brainstorm.
  • This could even be a resource for arts departments and multimedia.

In attendance are: Greg Toombs Luke Docksteader Kris Scott Brian Jones Ben Lucyk Richard Khoury Anthony Scaffeo Judy Sander Cory Koski James Ellard

Reinderien 23:16, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

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