The Volunteer Pattern

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Your event needs volunteers to take on the majority of tasks.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of true Hacker Events. Without Volunteers, the costs of running an event would be exponentially higher, and that fact should be kept in mind when thinking about amenities and rewards for volunteers.


Make it easy and rewarding to Volunteer.

  • The Volunteer recruiting area should be near a well-trafficked spot in the event and adjacent to the volunteer lounge.
  • Volunteer Lounge exclusively for volunteers with additional perks (food/drinks)
  • Public terminals for easy signup
  • There should be a well-informed dispatcher who is eager to attract new volunteers, accept volunteer labor requests and make sure the volunteer lounge is clean, comfortable and well stocked.

If at all possible, identify the key "do-ers" in your community and offer them free admission in exchange for volunteering. If this is not possible for cultural or other reasons, make sure that the rewards for volunteering are tangible and visible to all who attend the conference even if volunteering is a sought-after position. Having a volunteer credential should garner respect and thanks from attendees--and more than a few applications during and after the event.