The Startup Centre

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The Startup Centre
[[Logo::Tsclogo.png| ]] [[Image:Tsclogo.png|150px]]
Status suspected inactive
Country India
State or District Tamil Nadu
City Chennai
Date of founding 2011/05/01
Last Updated 2023-10-01
Twitter startupcentre
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2D, Second Floor, Alsa Mall, Montieth Road, Egmore Chennai

Number of members 20 (Expected)"(Expected)" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 20.
Membership fee Resident Programme (intake in Batches) - Rs. 7500 per individual founder / Rs. 10,000 for Two founder teams (Monthly)

Walk-in Per day - Ask Reception for details on the same. Subject to availability of space.

Size of rooms Free Space
Location 13° 4' 6.16" N, 80° 15' 26.49" E

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We are an early stage startup accelerator with an initial focus* in the mobile, web and software technology space. The Centre is also a hub for technology, design and startup-related events and interactions.

The Startup Centre active during a community event

The Hub: The Hub of The Startup Centre plays host to a variety of events that span across topics of Entrepreneurship, Technology, and Design. There is also a residential programme for founding members of technology startups to work out of The Startup Centre. Do check the website, and sign up for the mailing list to stay on top of updates as the call for applications roll out.

The Accelerator: Details on the Accelerator programme will be announced in Q3 of 2011.