The Maker Center- Missoula

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The Maker Center- Missoula
Status planned
Country United States of America

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City Missoula
Last Updated 2012-06-29





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United States of America

Location 46° 39' 34", -110° 2' 42"

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The Maker Center Missoula (MCM) will be a community workshop that offers a full array of creative tools for inventors and non-inventors that enables them to take ideas from concept to reality. People will become members of the Workshop to create products they have always wanted to create to make their and others’ lives better. Many people dream of inventing and creating, but few actually are able to achieve it. Some are limited by resources while others are limited by their own minds. The workshop with help Missoulians unlock the potential by offering them the training to use the tools needed to create.

The MCM will offer members access to a full machine shop, 3D Modeling software, design labs, blueprint plotters, 3d printers, creativity fellows (shop employees), and fabrication specialists. Other services will be design consulting (fee for service) to help people finish parts of projects that are too difficult or that they do not have time to finish. The shop will have a fully stocked hardware and raw material supply to purchase, tools for use, and space to rent for storing work in progress. Machinery will be used on a “check out” basis once the person is properly trained to use it. Training will be provided as a part of membership fees, but the business will offer more advanced classes in design and creativity for a fee. MCM will also have a DIY Industrial design space for creating clay models or visual mock ups of a concept for studio photos.

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