The Brain Tank

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The Brain Tank
Status closed
Country United States of America
State or District Rhode Island
City Providence
Date of founding 2010/07/12
Last Updated 2019-11-12
Phone 1-401-267-TANK (8265)
Snail mail

United States of America

Number of members 0
Membership fee $40 monthly. With the ability to bring that number to $0 through innovation.
Size of rooms 2,000ft² with another 6,000ft² available for mischief.
Location 41° 49' 38.25" N, 71° 25' 51.61" W

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You've acquired great technical/artistic skills and abilities through work, or maybe school, or self study. Now what?

Ask yourself this: "WHAT IF doing the things I enjoy, could be my FULL TIME JOB?..."

Under normal circumstances this would not be likely. Most of us make concessions for our jobs and put our passions aside.

Let's change this!

  • Team up with people from very diverse backgrounds. Combine your expertise to develop, produce, and market projects and services that you create.
  • Improve the quality of life of the people around you through innovations.
  • Learn practical application from others.
  • Work, as if it weren't "work" at all.
  • And above all, HAVE FUN!

1st Floor: Machinery Workshop

  • 4x Drill Presses with oil catch.
  • 8" Table Saw
  • 96" Band Saw
  • 10" Chop Saw
  • Grinder
  • Welders (stick and wire)
  • Lots of hand tools
  • CNC Machine (being built quickly. Project at 40% completion)
  • Shelves full of computer/electronics parts

2nd Floor: Imagineer Space

  • 6x Cubicles
  • Crazy lighting ;-)
  • 2x Server racks
  • Many terminals (lost count)
  • Chillspace (comfy as hell!)
  • A/C Office area
  • 17ft Conference Table
  • Phone System (free calls and VMB via aterix soon. MagicJack for now.)
  • Coffee
  • Electronics bench area (irons, scope, tester, breadboards, etc...)
  • LOTS OF EXTRA SPACE! (Office Chair Jousting anyone?)

-email us for more info->