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This is to become the development page of our upcoming and totally awesome

Battle of the Hackerspaces: The pentathlon[edit]

A small summarize:

We were thinking of a series of games within five categories. These may be

  1. hardware hacking games (such as speed-soldering)
  2. 'real-action' games (Go, DDR, Guitar Hero, table soccer (?), etc.)
  3. computer games (e.g. some of the following: Katamari Damacy, Mario Kart 64, Duke Nukem, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Age of Empires II, Quake IIIOpenArena, ezQuake, Civilization, Tetris, war§ow, ut2004)
  4. coding games (speed-coding, some ideas I forgot already)
  5. cooking with Club Mate

Also, there were further thoughts about a sixth, last category - in which the whole teams (instead of only one single player chosen by each hackerspaces team) would fight each other - well, guess that's to be discussed ;) So there we go, lots and lost of room - and need - for feedback, ideas, and the like!

Also, we should definitely set a timeline for this 'task'! Imho, having the rules set and everything before 25c3 would rock.

Contributors (so far & in spe): johl, astera, skytee, yarnivore

Coding games (speed-coding)[edit]

Think about a very tiny problem that is very easy to solve - at a first glance. I think about something like:

Code a program that counts from 0 to 100. It shall output one line each, stating the number. Additionally, it shall print "foo" each third line, "bar" on each fifth line and "foobar" on each fifteenth line.

This seems very simple, but most people will screw up a couple of times before they manage, just because it seems that simple. I guess with a set of five participants, it'll take 15 minutes for the last one to solve it. This makes it attractive to be shown on stage using projector and split screen.

Another possible simple task:

Write a program to solve the Zebra puzzle (

I'd love to take an easier one from the maths problems, too - like we do at TECC (!

Cooking with Club mate[edit]

Three dishes: Soup, main course and dessert. Think about a tent in front of a congress hall. There's a gas cooker (two lights) for each participant and a simple table to prepare food. Participants must buy their ingredients at the day of the contest and present their receipts to the jury to prove. (Shopping already is a challenge for many nerds). A jury will test the dishes and provide the score (1.0 - 10.0).

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