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Status active
Country USA
State or District New York
City New York City
Date of founding 2009/12/31
Last Updated 2016-08-27
Phone 212-675-7573
YouTube jat32
Facebook theimclab
Twitter theimclab
Snail mail

56 West 22nd St. 6th Floor
New York, NY-10010 New York City

Number of members 75
Size of rooms > 4000 sq ft

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The IMC Lab + Gallery is a research lab and media art gallery based in New York City.

Our mission is to support artists and programmers by featuring their work in art shows, funding technology research, providing collaborative facilities for art-making, and finding commercial applications for new technologies.

The IMC Lab + Gallery is a model for art and technology research in the 21st century, partially inspired by institutions like Ars Electronica Center in Linz Austria which has both an art museum and a research lab.

We are dedicated to exploring the convergence of Virtual and Real in art and culture, placing digital artworks in galleries, museums and private collections, as well as developing technology tools with commercial applications. We endeavour to support artists and programmers who blend the tactility of objects with the intangibility of virtual spaces, creating interactive experiences that link people and inspire a sense of magic.

Keep an eye on for announcements about upcoming shows, as well as our new artist database and research + residency programs.

Visit to see many of the projects and shows our artists and programmers have contributed to.