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This template is used for stating the language and version requirements for some documentation page. Usage:

{{docu|master page=Page title|language=en|minversion=1.0|maxversion=1.0.1}}

The parameters have the following meaning:

  • master page: the «main» page about that topic, usually the article with the English documentation for the most current version
  • language: a standard language code
  • minversion: minimal version for which the documentation applies
  • maxversion: maximal version for which the documentation applies, should be left away if a page applies to all current versions
This documentation page applies to all SMW versions from {{{minversion}}} to the most current version.
Other versions: "{{{minversion}}}" is not a number.       Other languages: "{{{minversion}}}" is not a number.

{{{master page}}} {{{language}}} {{{minversion}}}