Telford Makerspace

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Telford Makerspace
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Status active
Country United Kingdom
State or District Shropshire
City Telford
Last Updated 2023-12-11
Twitter @telfordmakers
Snail mail

2 Park Street, Wellington, Telford
TF1 3AE Telford
United Kingdom

Number of members 20
Membership fee Standard membership £15
Size of rooms approx 100M²
Open to Exchanges? Possibly"Possibly" is not in the list (yes, no, maybe) of allowed values for the "Exchanges" property.
Open to Residencies? No"No" is not in the list (yes, no, maybe) of allowed values for the "Residencies" property.
Location 52° 42' 13.11" N, 2° 31' 5.63" W

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Telford Makerspace is a small group of community-focused tinkerers, makers and hackers based at 2 Park Street, in Wellington. We're aiming to help people learn new skills, design, build and mend gadgets and most of all have FUN, using arts and crafts, electronics, programming, 3D printing, laser cutting and even more traditional manual tools and powered machinery.

We will be running regular sessions focusing on electronics/soldering and 3D design, and any other activities people are interested in, as long as we have a member with the relevant skills to help us learn together!