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Status active
Country Finland
City Oulu
Date of founding 2011/09/15
Last Updated 2021-06-01
Website http://tarlab.fi
Wiki https://www.jkry.org/ouluhack/
IRC irc://#Tarlab@IRCnet
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/TarlabOulu/
Twitter https://twitter.com/TarlabOulu
Snail mail

Valtatie 67 (entrance behind the building)
90500 Oulu

Number of members 25 members, 10 keyholders"members,10keyholders" can not be assigned to a declared number type with value 25.
Membership fee 40€ for a year of membership. Key holders fee 110€ per year (total 150€ annually).
Size of rooms 30m²
Members Otter
Location 65° 1' 32.02" N, 25° 29' 6.72" E

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Hackerspace in Oulu, Finland.

3d-printer, Internet, basic elelab equipment. And good times!