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Not convincing[edit]

I have been setting up a space directly in opposition with this "anti-pattern": Cyberhippietotalism

The whole point is to live inside this space.

I would say the rationale of the "anti-pattern" is not very convincing:

"You need a space for meetings and as a lab"

This might easily be bypassed with simply getting a bigger space, right?

"But somehow it doesn’t work, as you cannot use the lab anymore"


Anyway, I am building the space on top of several more or less successful communities I have been involved in, in the last few years. If anyone else hes any positive or negative experiences with similar live-in hackerspace communities, I would be very glad to know about it (drop me an email).

--Dcht00 09:16, 21 June 2012 (CEST)

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