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This liabilty form is needing comment.

The deal:[edit]

This language is provided as potential language to include in a release. Certain clauses may or may not be enforcable in your jurisdiction. You should always consult local counsel when drafting legal documents. This is a land of free agents, called adults (unless they're not adults, then the protection of minors should be taken seriously). The Law is made for People, not lawyers.

  1. Do your best to communicate dangers of what you're doing,
  2. air on the side of caution when life and limb are on the line,
  3. keep a backup on paper or on the web that can be referenced from easily accessible sources.
The following is stubbed material, not integrated into main article: It is not recommended, but that doesn't mean it isn't useful compared to nothing. However, it is ambiguous, unenforceable in places, and poor contract-making as it engages your members as narratives called "buyers/users/whatever" rather than your fellow human beings. The amount of written law to replace simple understandings between normal people is debilitating -- so much so that it can ruin the spirit of the enterprise, but in those cases where such written contracts have been curated over time, it can be invaluable. In any case, for the Cap'n. Dynamite version skip to the next section:
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